Math 613

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Math 612.

Course Description:  Completes the Algebra 2 and Geometry begun in Math 612 and begins the study of trigonometry.  Topics include similarity, circles, right and oblique triangle trigonometry, series, organizing and analyzing data, curve fitting to data, power, exponential and logarithmic functions, and trigonometric functions and their graphs.

Materials Required: Textbook, Graphing Calculator and a binder for class handouts.

Algebra/Trig Book
Geometry Book

Homework: Late homework will be accepted for half credit up until the Chapter test that includes the missed assignment. If you are absent you have 1 week to make up missed homework for full credit. Homework assignments will be posted on our class web page by chapter and nightly.

Homework setup: Each homework assignment should have your name and assignment at the top of the page. Each homework problem should be numbered and copied unless it’s a word problem. You must show all your work for full credit. (No work = no credit). Your work should be legible. Please remove fringes from the page. Multiple pages should be stapled. Geometric diagrams should be made with a straight edge.

You homework is not graded by the number of right answers. However if you have too many wrong answers you may be asked to resubmit your homework with wrong answers corrected to receive full credit.

Grading: Your total score/ Total possible score

Extra Help: You can see me during J Block by appointment.